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5th Grade Welcome

        Welcome to the home of the Foxes!

 UPDATE (May 4, 2020) :
At HMS, we believe that our students must have a strong math foundation to optimize their secondary math pathway. Given the importance of middle school math placement decisions in determining students’ high school math course trajectory, we consider multiple measures when placing our students. Examples of multiple measures are SBAC test scores, content standards mastery, report card grades, in-class performance, placement tests, and teacher recommendations. In these unprecedented times, we simply do not have the report card grades, standardized test results and summative assessments for rising 6th graders due to school dismissal and distance learning.  For many years, we have offered two math levels at grade six: Math 6 and Honors Math 6. For the coming year, we do not have multiple measures upon which to accurately make placement decisions.
In the fall, all sixth graders will be enrolled in Math 6.  This decision is supported by Superintendent Wilson, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Mr. Jason Kurtenbach, Math Department Chair, Mrs. Liz Thor, and all 6th grade math teachers. We know that the majority of our students come with a strong elementary foundation in math.  Experienced HMS teachers will provide rigorous differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all learners much as our English Language Arts teachers do.  Scaffolding and reteaching will support the needs of students still developing understanding of concepts covered during distance learning.  A universal design for learning will allow all students to progress at their developmentally appropriate pace. Flexibility will be built in and opportunities to go deeper and wider with concepts will be provided. All our students will get the math instruction they need to be ready for 7th grade math, and many will advance into the honors pathway.  For these reasons, we believe that a non-honors designation in Math 6 is in the best interest of our students for the coming year.

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