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Wellness Lounge
The HMS Wellness Lounge is now open for students to receive individual and group counseling & wellness support services when needed from our mental health interns and professional staff. This 'zen den' environment; bringing the calming elements of nature indoors, will give students a place to self-regulate and decompress. Participating in mindfulness activities such as meditation, guided-imagery, breathing exercises, and art & play therapy, students are better able to return to the classroom feeling less anxious, emotionally refreshed, and can get back to learning. 
How to access the Wellness Lounge: 
At this time, students have scheduled appointments or are given a call-slip to work with a mental health intern in the Wellness Lounge. Some students are seen individually and others in groups. All students requiring or seeking counseling services must first go through the Counseling Office with Mrs. Gonzalez. They are then sent to the appropriate counseling setting. Most students will meet with Mrs. Gonzalez in her office, while others, will be referred to work with an Intern in the Wellness Lounge. HMS has partnered with the Titan Wellness Center at San Marino High School and they are sharing their Mental Health Interns with us. Interns see students either on a self-referral, teacher, staff, or parent referral basis. Access to the referral system is posted at the bottom of this page.
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The Wellness Lounge is also open for student
drop-in's during their lunch break through our 
'Zen Zone' Hangout on Tuesdays, Wednesdays,
Thursdays & Fridays.
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The 'Zen Zone' Hangout is a peaceful, calm, and quiet retreat where students can drop-in to relax and destress at lunch. The 'Zen Zone' Hangout is located in the HMS Wellness Lounge. Doors open at 12:35 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Friday. Students can participate in optional mindfulness activities such as breathing exercises, meditation and yoga, as well as activities that reduce stress and increase calm (pleasure reading, journaling, drawing, puzzles, zen sand tray play, origami, quiet games) while enjoying the sights and sounds of nature with zen music on our oversized screen.


Mrs. Gonzalez, School Counselor and Wellness Hangout Advisor

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