Outdoor Education



Every year, HMS students have the amazing opportunity to go on week-long, adventures to explore the outdoors with rewarding experiences and lifelong memories. 


For the 2023-2024 school year, we are sending our 6th to Cuyamaca Outdoor School, 7th graders to Naturalist At Large Catalina, and 8th graders to Pali Institute.


If you are a new student to the district, YES, you may still join us on the Outdoor Ed trip for your grade!  You'll need your ID number first, then you'll be able to complete the various online forms necessary. 

6th Grade - Cuyamaca: Students will participate in a wide variety of educational activities designed to increase their awareness of the natural environment and ecology, as well as develop friendships and bonds among classmates. Some of the activities and classes planned for this year’s trip include citizen science projects, nature hikes, crafts, and team building.


7th Grade - Naturalist At Large Catalina: NAL programs are designed to instill a sense of "place", this is accomplished by introducing students to the natural and cultural history of an area, while they explore its trails, habitats, and history. Some of the activities planned for this year’s trip include team building, snorkeling, saltwater aquariums, touch tanks, beaches, plants, and wildlife in the canyon.


8th Grade - Pali Institute: Mountains covered by lush trees become the classroom while students explore new trails, learn outdoor survival skills, learn archery, and participate in zipline courses. Students learn mutual respect through activities designed to help deal with peer pressure while introducing students to leadership methods and team-building exercises.




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