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President’s Message
Hi, my name is Alison Moller and I am the HMS PTA President. I’m honored to be
working with HMS Principal Daryl Topalian and Assistant Principal Ryan Kachold. They
are enthusiastic, connection-oriented administrators who have worked hard over the
summer to ensure the best possible online learning environment for our children.
Thank you to our wonderful teachers, who are committed to providing the best possible
academic year in this challenging environment. And finally, thanks to our administrators
and staff, whose workload has not diminished despite the quiet campus. I am grateful
to you all for your hard work and dedication to our students.
My husband Erik and I have a senior at San Marino High School and an 8 th grader at
HMS. While this is my twelfth year of involvement in PTA, it looks nothing like my
previous years. I’m learning to navigate this new school environment along with you.
And like your family, our family is facing many disappointments and challenges. But
change also brings opportunities to reevaluate the way we do things. I’ve been
surprised by the new and creative ways our community’s children are connecting with
each other and adapting to their changing circumstances. The HMS PTA will do all we
can to support them.
The PTA will need to adapt and evolve as well. I am grateful to our capable PTA
Executive Board members, who are working on ways to support our existing enrichment
programs while developing new ways of connecting.
The Board consists of the
following members:
Executive Vice President Jaime Gertmenian
First Vice President (Programs & Calendar) Julie Foong
Second Vice President (Membership) Daisy Wilson
Third Vice President (Ways & Means) Chris Song
Hauntington Breakfast Creative Chair Jennifer Park
Hauntington Breakfast Business Chair Cathy Newton
Parent Party Creative Chair Michele Esbenshade
Parent Party Business Chair Jean Tseng
Spring Fundraising Business Chair Stefanie Killackey
Spring Fundraising Creative Chair Nancy Ko
Recording Secretary Ammie Hwang
Corresponding Secretary Maren Pellant
Treasurer Ada Wong
Financial Secretary (To be filled)
Auditor Emily Vitan
Historian Sri Abboy
Parliamentarian  Zeina Daoud
Thank you for your support.
Alison Moller, HMS PTA President 2020-2021