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Zen Zone Hangout

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zen zone
sandscape table
Drift into a Zone of Zen with our meditative Sandscape Table
The Mindfulness Studio
mindfulness studio


The Mindfulness Studio is open during the 'Zen Zone' Hangout so students can Drift into wellness using our kinetic sandscape sand table that increases relaxation, boosts mood, and enhances focus. This visual meditation coupled with background sounds of smooth white, pink, and brown noise found in sound relaxation therapy, inspires mindfulness. The sand table's soft pulsating lights emulate and encourage deep breathing while the mesmerizing moving sand designs, create calm.



Perfect for when you’re feeling anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed and need to clear your mind. *Click on each of the sand tables to see how it works.

Drift Table  Drift Table

Quiet, thoughtful, and mindful…


Mindful Pod
mindfulness ipad
Explore Mindfulness using one of our activity iPads with noise canceling headphones!

Students will be able to enjoy an immersive experience of mindfulness in our new and innovative pods which will be located in our Wellness Lounge and Literacy Lab. Students will use noise canceling headphones along with an iPad & Wellness Experiences designed to reduce stress and anxiety by placing focus on “being,” rather than doing. The Wellness Experiences will help cultivate inner peace and relaxation so students can return to the classroom with a strengthened attention span and sense of calm, so they are ready to learn.

The Mindfulness Pod’s Immersive Experiences Include:


  • Breathing & Relaxation Exercises
  • Building Gratitude Habits
  • Sound Baths To Reduce Stress & Tension
  • Guided Meditations
  • The Virtual Outdoors
  • Developing Coping Strategies
  • Creating Inner Calm Through Art
  • Self-Regulation Practices
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