Support Services

The School Counselor - Mrs. Gonzalez assists students with a multitude of issues including:


Personal Counseling

  • Classroom concerns & academic motivation

  • Personal decision-making

  • Self-concept issues

  • Peer and friendship concerns

  • Dealing with conflict & crisis / Mediation counseling

  • External issues which affect school performance

  • Scheduling issues


Guidance & Intervention Counseling

Communication among parents, teachers and school personnel are essential to a successful educational program. The school communicates student progress through several means:

  • Progress report grades

  • Semester grades

  • Teacher/Administrator/Counselor calls home

  • Weekly progress reports

  • Parent conferences

  • SST (Student Success Team) & IEP meetings

  • 504 Plans

Transition Activities Supported Through the Counseling Department

  • 5th Grade Orientation/Move-Up Day (March)

  • High School Counseling Appointments (March/April)

  • Incoming Freshman Student & Parent Assembly/Move-Up Day (March/April)

  • College & Career Day Fair (February)
  • 6th Grade WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) Transition Program (August-May)

Mrs. Gonzalez also provides support for those students with academic challenges in one or more classes. Support is given through one-on-one counseling as well as classroom guidance activities. Consultation with general education teachers, resource staff and parents is provided as well as support in SST/504/IEP meetings.


The School PsychologistMr. Duranso serves individual students and groups of students in special education, through advocacy, assessment, DIS counseling, program development and direct intervention. Support and consultation are provided in IEP and SST meetings.


Please Visit:

Our Online Wellness & Resource Center which serves to provide additional support services that can assist students and parents. 



An Important Note From The Team:


Parent conferences and or SST meetings are an important way to communicate information about your child’s progress during the school year, as it provides an opportunity for exchange of information between you and your child’s teacher(s) on their academic and emotional growth.

We suggest that you first contact the teacher(s) of the class (es) that your child is having academic challenges in to discuss the problems and come up with solutions. If the problem is with more than two classes, call to schedule a multiple teacher conference. If the academic challenges continue, an SST meeting may be scheduled which are primarily held during the core teacher's conference period or at lunch from 12:25-1:00pm. Conference appointments may be coordinated through the teacher or school counselor.