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How do I obtain transcripts, and who is responsible for them?

We don't have an official Registrar. To obtain transcripts, please contact our Attendance Technician, Ms. Elizabeth Plascencia, at [email protected].


Who should I contact for issues with my student's Chromebook?

For assistance with student Chromebook repairs, reach out to Mrs. Ashlin Anand at [email protected]. The device will be assessed for damage, and fines will be applied accordingly.


Who should I contact for Library dues?

For any questions regarding the Library reach out to Mrs. Ashlin Anand at [email protected]


I'm interested in touring the school. Who should I reach out to?

To schedule a school tour, please email Ms. Courtney Robinson at [email protected].


What should I do if my child falls ill during school hours?

If your child falls sick during school, they should go to the health clerk. The health clerk will assess their condition and take appropriate action. For any questions regarding the same contact [email protected].


Can I drop off homework, lunch, or instruments for my child?

We encourage students to be responsible for their belongings, so please limit drop-offs for homework, lunch, or instruments.


Who do I contact for any technology-related questions?

Fill out a ticket at and our tech team will get back to you as soon as possible.