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Counseling Department Staff



The goal of the counseling team is to help students succeed in their academic and personal lives. This help may take many forms and offers a confidential environment where students can explore solutions to their problems. The counseling team is available to provide personal support and academic guidance not only to achieve success in school but in preparation for leading fulfilling lives as responsible members of society.

Counseling Team Members

School Counselor:
   Mrs. Gonzalez 
 June Gonzalez, MS, P.P.S.
 Counseling Department Chair, Student Wellness Coordinator
Mrs. Gonzalez is on-site Monday - Friday
 [email protected]
Wellness/Mental Health, Clinical Counseling Interns (2022- 23):
Meridith Murdock        Sarah Gomez       Bethany         coming soon       Peijan Chen
Meridith            Sarah            Bethany           Jesse            Peijen 
Murdock.         Gomez.        Miertschin         Romo            Chen
Vivi Geng
Vivi Geng, Wellness Center Technician for SMHS & HMS
Tonya El-Hindi
Tonya El-Hindi, SMHS Titan Wellness Center, Supervising Clinician 
School Psychologist:
Mr. Duranso
Don Duranso, MS
Mr. Duranso is on-site Monday - Friday
[email protected]
School Psychologist Intern (2021-22):
Elizabeth Hurley
Betsy (Elizabeth)

The Middle School Journey…
Middle school is an exciting yet challenging time for students, their parents and teachers. During this passage from childhood to adolescence, middle school students are characterized by a need to explore a variety of interest, connecting their learning in the classroom to it’s practical application in life and work; high levels of activity coupled with frequent fatigue due to rapid growth; a search for their own identity as they begin turning more frequently to peers rather than parents for ideas and affirmation; extreme sensitivity to the comments of others; and a heavy reliance on friends to provide comfort, understanding and approval.