Henry E. Huntington Middle School


Accelerated Algebra 1 (Periods 1, 2)

Course Description

COURSE OVERVIEW: Accelerated Algebra is a rigorous high-school level course that covers various topics in Algebra. On average, one lesson will be covered each day and it is crucial that students do not fall behind since each concept is built upon the previous one. For detailed information about this class, please refer to course syllabus.
ASSESSMENTS: On average, there will be either a quiz or a test every week. Quizzes will be given half way through the chapter while chapter tests will be given at the end of the chapter. Students will always be notified ahead of time to give students time to prepare for the quizzes and tests. 
GRADES: Accelerated Algebra students must have 85% or higher in both semester 1 and semester 2 in order to continue with honors track in freshmen year. For detailed course grading breakdown, please refer to course syllabus.
Note: Semester 1 grade is the average of Q1 and Q2. Semester 2 grade is the average of Q3 and Q4.
HOMEWORK: In case of absence, it is students' responsibility to get the homework from their peers  or this website. Students must show complete work and self correct when they are done. Students may check their answers by clicking here. (Never just copy the answers without understanding!)
SYLLABUS: Click on the file "Course Syllabus" to the right for detailed information. 
SUPPLIES: Refer to Course Syllabus for detailed information on daily materials. In this class, only basic calculator is allowed. NO scientific calculator. If you bring a scientific calculator to the quiz or test, you will NOT be able to use it.
GOOGLE CLASSROOM: Students are strongly encouraged to check Google Classroom as often as possible for any important announcement and changes to any assignment. Students can access the homework assignments from either Google Classroom or the link above. 
Steps for signing up for Google Classroom
2. Sign in using SMUSD email and password.
3. Click on "+" in upper right corner then click on "Join class" , then enter the class code. Make sure to enter the correct code. If you are not sure, refer to the document under file "Google Class Codes".