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Eighth Grade Graduation Party

Invitations have been sent home with 8th grade students.


Q: What is the dress code for the party?
A: Students should wear what they wore for the ceremony. This is also the dress code requirement for the San Gabriel Country Club.

Q: Will cell phones be allowed at the party?
A: No. Students can check-in their cell phone at the beginning of the party. It will be returned to them at the end of the party. If a student needs to call a parent, they can ask the chaperone to assist.

Q: Can I accompany my child into the party?
A: No. Students must be dropped off at the Valet stand in front of the club. Please do not park or get out of your vehicle. Students will be directed to the party.

Q: Can my student leave the party early?
A: We encourage all students to stay for the entire time of the party and be picked up at 11:00 pm. If your student needs to leave early, please let us know ahead of time. We can help arrange for early pick up.

Q: Do students have to arrive by 8:00pm?
A: No. Students can arrive anytime after 8:00pm so feel free to enjoy your celebratory dinner after the ceremony!

Q: Will a full dinner be served?
A: No. Finger foods (sliders, fries, etc), desserts, and beverages will be served.

Q: What activities will be offered at the party?
There will be casino games including roulette and blackjack. Raffle tickets will be drawn throughout the evening for chances to win prizes. There will be photos taken at the Photo Booth and by parent volunteers. A photo link will be shared with students and parents after the event.

Q: Where should I pick up my student?
A: You can park your car and come inside to pick up your child. The party ends at 11:00 pm. PLEASE BE ON TIME TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD.

Q: I haven’t paid for my child to attend the party. Is it too late?
A: No! We want every student to join the party. The cost is $50 per student.
You can pay via PayPal, using the QR code:
Alternatively, you can pay by check (payable to HMS PTA) for $50 and drop off at the HMS front office. Please write your student’s name on the Memo line. Place in a sealed envelope marked with “8th grade graduation party”.

Q: Can Non-8th grade parents help out?
A: Yes! We need your help after the graduation ceremony where there will be
opportunities for graduating students and their families to take photos.
Click/paste the link below to access the signup sheet:

Q: I have more questions that are not covered in this Graduation Party FAQs.
A: Please email your questions to [email protected].