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7th Grade PE - Periods 1-4,  7th/8th Grade PE Period 6 

Prep Period/Office hours:  Period 5

Homeroom: Room 401




Azusa Pacific University

Masters of Science in Physical Education

Azusa Pacific University

Bachelor of Arts in Human Development


California Clear Single Subject Credential in Physical Education

Crosscultural, Language and Academic Development Certificate (CLAD/CTEL)

CPR, AED and First Aid Certified

NFHS Certified: Concussion in Sports, Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Sports Nutrition, Heat Illness Prevention


As far as my personal philosophy goes in regards to physical education, I believe that physical education is needed to bridge the gap between academics and activity.  With the growing trend of obesity and diabetes with our youth and adults and with proven scientific studies, showing the increase of test scores in correlation with physical activity you can see the importance and benefit of physical activity.  I am behind a more fitness-oriented physical education approach combined with a balance of team sports that emphasize physical fitness.  I believe physical education class needs to not be geared for the athletes, but a place where all students can come to experience the benefits of physical activity and living a healthy lifestyle.  The goal for me is to help the students build a lifelong love for physical activity and healthy living. Along with that, I aim personally to be a role model for young men or women that I work with.  I do my best to live my life in a way that I am able to display daily for my students a positive way to approach life.  By me modeling behavior traits such as character, work ethic, respect, honesty, patience, self-control, integrity, preparation, responsibility, and discipline, I hope to affect them in ways that will continue much further beyond middle school.