Henry E. Huntington Middle School


Back to School Night

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Back to School Night!  Please join us  Wednesday evening, August 15th from 6 PM - 8 PM. The evening is designed for our teachers to give you information of a general nature about the class in which your student is enrolled.  You are encouraged to ask questions about policies, procedures, and assignments. Children should not attend this event.

The evening will begin with a welcome meeting for all parents held in the Auditorium at 6:00 p.m.  

6:00 - 6:15  Welcome and Introduction in the HMS Kenneth White Auditorium

  • Alana Fauré, HMS Principal
  • Rick Barclay, HMS Assistant Principal
  • Chris Maling San Marino Schools Foundation President
  • Krishna Rao, HMS PTA President

At 6:20 p.m. teachers will begin presentations in their classrooms according to the schedule below.  Students will be available to assist you throughout the evening with questions and directions.

PERIOD          TIME            SUBJECT                         TEACHER                                         ROOM

Period 1      6:20 - 6:30    ___________________________________________________________

Period 2      6:35 - 6:45    ___________________________________________________________

Period 3      6:50 - 7:00    ___________________________________________________________

Period 4      7:05 - 7:15    ___________________________________________________________

Period 5      7:20 - 7:30    ___________________________________________________________

Period 6      7:35 - 7:45    ___________________________________________________________

Period 0      7:50 - 8:00    ___________________________________________________________

All 6th grade Physical Education classes will meet in the Cafeteria.  

All 7th/8th grade Physical Education classes will meet in the Auditorium.  

We will have printed a map for you on the back of this sheet.  Please notice that the passing periods are only 5 minutes (the same as the students are allowed), good luck. Because our evening is so abbreviated, if you would like to discuss matters specifically related to your child, please make an appointment for another time to meet a teacher individually. Thank you for your support and participation in Huntington’s Back to School Night.


Alana Fauré, Principal

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