Henry E. Huntington Middle School

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6th Grade ELA/ELD & Social Studies

Ms. Leticia "Lettie" Aranda

Course Description

Sixth Grade ELA/ELD

English Language Arts and English Language Development are fully integrated into this course. Our focus will be centered on (1) interacting in meaningful ways (2) learning about how English works and the (3) use of foundational literacy skills. Students will practice listening, reading, writing and speaking English on a daily basis. They will learn about the mechanics of the English language and have daily opportunities to practice and improve skills in a small class setting with extensive support.


Sixth Grade Social Studies

American historian David McCullough wrote “Everything we have, all our great institutions, hospitals, universities…laws, our art, poetry our freedoms, everything is because somebody went before us and did the hard work…”. This year your sixth grade student will learn about the great civilizations of the ancient world. Your student will learn who built the great pyramids of Egypt, how the rulers of China and Rome conquered huge empires, and why powerful ideas such as the Ten Commandments and Greek democracy shaped the world. Your student will explore important questions and issues of the past in order to find out how people lived and why they made the decisions they did. It will be an adventure in the ancient civilizations of the world!

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