Henry E. Huntington Middle School



Thanks to the amazing generosity of the Barth family, as well as Tim and Lisa Sloan, Calvin Lo and Wendy Hsu, Paul and Alice Su, Valerie and Aaron Weiss, Pat Haden via The Fletcher Jones Foundation, the William Hurt Foundation, and the the Chinese Club of San Marino, HMS rises to new levels of greatness with the coming Barth Athletic Complex. We are excited for completion in the fall of 2019!

We’ll all continue this sentiment as we head into the school year academically, athletically, and artistically as We Rise By Lifting Others. To do this, we will continue the academic rigor that has made us one of the highest performing middle schools in the state on the California Assessment of Student Progress and Performance (CAASPP). We will also be implementing the new Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in all grade levels. This means that science education will contain more systems thinking and modeling, more students conducting investigations, more solving problems, and engaging in discussions that focus on open-ended questions based on the strength of the evidence. Students will write journals, reports, posters, and media presentations that explain and argue their findings.

We will continue to lift others in our school site with our Safe Schools Ambassador program, the nation's most effective bystander education program, which harnesses the power of students to prevent and stop bullying. Additionally, we will continue with our Think Kindness program with a new kindness challenge each month, and our Inner Explorer Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program each Monday in our homeroom classes. We will also track and recognize all of the volunteer service hours that our students provide, through the President’s Volunteer Service Award. Next, we will focus on our students daily contributions to being citizens of our school through our good citizenship breakfasts. Each month we will select a theme for the breakfast. This month, students who show excellent responsibility above and beyond that which would typically be expected may be nominated for the good citizenship award. Finally, we’ll begin our new W.E.B. (Where Everybody Belongs) program. WEB is built on the idea that students should feel welcomed and supported as they transition into middle school life. WEB is a program where student activities are organized by WEB leaders for all 6th graders and those new to the school.  They participate and enjoy time together throughout the year as they continue to build strong ties to their new school and school community. ALL 6TH GRADE STUDENTS AND NEW HMS STUDENTS MUST ATTEND THE WEB ORIENTATION MONDAY, AUGUST 14TH.

Enjoy your remaining days of summer. We all look so forward to seeing the many new and familiar faces on our first day of school Tuesday, August 15!

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