Henry E. Huntington Middle School

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2017 Open House Halo Awards Evening

This is your opportunity to both see the wonderful work your child has been producing throughout the school year as well as visit some of the potential classrooms of the future! Our Orchestras, Bands, and Choirs will be performing all night throughout the campus. There will be food from Austyn's, Rice Balls of Fire, Waffle OH, and Paradise Ice Cream throughout the evening as well. We will also be honoring our amazing Huntington Middle School volunteers with our annual Halo Awards. Each year, the Halo Award is given by the Huntington Middle School PTA to honor outstanding contributions to the school by parent volunteers and staff.  They are our school’s “angels”! This year, the HMS PTA is proud to recognize the following deserving recipients: Michelle Boecking, Debi Cribbs, Lynn Eriksen, Rob Folsom, Amanda Horton, Laurie Modean, Christina Pink, Krishna Rao, Raul Valdez, and Kelly Wilkniss.

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