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2019 World Language Standards The World Language Standards have been updated in 2019. Here at San Marino Unified we aim to keep our students education relevant and updated as well. Please take the time to read the standards.
Español con La Señora Salgado My website to see slides shown in class, homework assignments and more information.
Thesaurus Google
  • When using Google Translate, you might find it easier to look up synonyms in order to understand the original word better.   
Google Translator
  1. Download this app on your smart-phone or device.  
  2. Practice using it.
  3. On some devices you can take pictures of words off of printed text and it translates before your eyes.
  4. On some devices it will translate from words spoken into the device's microphone.  
  1. Sign in and log on (it's free)
  2. Practice as often as you like.
  3. Open on another tab
  4. Practica, practica, practica.
bzzzpeek an onomatopoeia website