Career Week 2014-2015 » Home


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This week you will have an opportunity to explore your interests, which can help in determining work environments and careers that will most likely fit you. 

In Homeroom activities this week you will explore the following:

What do you like to do? What experiences have you enjoyed? What kind of activities are you most passionate about and which career possibilities might match your interests?

You will take a Career Interest Inventory, evaluate your results and determine what skills, special training or education is needed for that job.

You will also participate in a Career Fair. As you rotate into each of your classrooms, you will hear from a variety of presenters who will share with you about their jobs and the journey it took for them to find a rewarding career.

Consider your skills:

Evaluate school, volunteer work or leisure experiences.
Make a list of your school activities (clubs, sports, organizations to which you belong, etc.). 

Make a list of any volunteer work you have done (either through social, civic or religious organizations).

After you have assessed your interests and skills, determine areas you need to strengthen to do the kind of job you may be interested in.

Think about what special training or education you may need and keep this in mind when we start to explore college during our College Week (April 27-May 1)