Mr. Henry Ku » Welcome to Mr. Ku's Class!

Welcome to Mr. Ku's Class!

Welcome to Algebra and Honors Algebra. I am thrilled to finally have all of you back in class and can not wait to make this year a wonderful one. 
Mr. Ku was born and raised in Taiwan and moved to America while he was 11 years old. During free time, I love playing guitar, drums, and basketball (huge Lakers fan). I also love spending time with family, friends, and my dogs. I also love going on long-haul flights to different countries and experiencing different cultures. 
Class Information for All Students
1. All class-related documents will be posted on Schoology and email will be the primary means of communication.
2. Grades will be posted on Power School. So it is very important to check your grades as frequently as possible.
3. This is a high school course that requires your undivided attention in class. It is important for you to come to class on time everyday with your required materials and homework ready to turn in.
4. If you are struggling on any lesson, ask for additional help immediately. Extra help is available during:
  •     Lunch time (12:30 - 1:00 on regular schedule) if Mr. Ku has no meeting.
  •     After school. Check with Mr. Ku for availability.