Henry E. Huntington Middle School


Virtual Graduation Link and Graduation Car Parade Plan Information

8th Grade students and their family are cordially invited to ride in the first ever HMS Graduation Car Parade on May 28th from 10:00AM-12:00PM!

Please read the details below closely.

Dress up and make it special!  Please decorate your car if desired. Go all out and make it fun!  Take pictures at your home before you depart.

Have a poster with your graduating student’s name clearly visible displayed on the front dash when you pull into the driveway. (This can also be held up upon entering the driveway.)  Follow the route on the map provided in the attachment.  District dignitaries, teachers, and staff will be present to wave, cheer, and congratulate you as your car drives through, following social distancing guidelines.

View the attached map to see the parade route. Please follow the schedule below.


10:00-10:20  Last names starting with A - C

10:20-10:40  Last names starting with D - Hou

10:40-11:00  Last names starting with Huang - Levy

11:00-11:20  Last names starting with Li - P

11:20-11:40  Last names starting with R - T

11:40-12:00  Last names starting with U - Z

By order of the LA County Department of Public Health, during the entirety of the moving parade, every participant (excluding the HMS host and host’s personnel) remains in a fully enclosed motorized vehicle.  For clarity, an enclosed vehicle would not include a motorcycle, a convertible with the top open, a vehicle with no doors (golf cart), or bicycle.  The occupants of a vehicle must be members of the same household and shall not change vehicles during the parade.  Further, no more than the legal occupancy in the vehicle is allowed. All vehicles must continuously move forward.  No stopping or exiting a vehicle is permitted. If any of the windows on a vehicle are open, the occupants of the vehicle must wear a face covering. Any items or food and related refuse brought by occupants of a vehicle must remain in the vehicle. 


All vehicles will turn right on to West Drive at the conclusion of the parade route.


This event is for 8th grade graduates and their families only due to County Department of Public Health guidelines.



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