Henry E. Huntington Middle School

Finals Week: Wednesday, May 27 (Electives & PE), Thursday, May 28 (English & Science), Friday, May 29 (Math & Social Studies)    8th Grade Commencement/Grad Party Details Below!

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Get Ready for Catalina!

Get Ready for Catalina!

At Huntington, each grade level is given the opportunity to participate in an Outdoor Education Program. These programs are designed to enhance the current science curriculum your child now receives. The camps provide hands-on lab settings and learning experiences that we could not provide in a regular classroom.

8th Grade Commencement Packet UPDATED

As hard as it may be to imagine, we are in the last quarter of the school year and your son or daughter’s commencement is quickly approaching. This final quarter of the year is packed with activities, excitement, and the anticipation of moving on to high school. We want to keep you informed of the upcoming events, so please read through the information with your child so you can be prepared.

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