Henry E. Huntington Middle School


Locker Mania

Who gets a locker?
Every HMS student is assigned a locker.  Student locker numbers and combinations are in Power  School accounts.  Log on with the student's username and password to access this information. 
Students at HMS take excellent care of their lockers to ensure that future students also get to enjoy a nice locker.
Check out the map to find where a specific locker is located.  Locker numbers are in small red font.  Most lockers are located near students' homeroom.
Wondering how to open the lock?  Follow the quick easy steps in the "LockerOpenInstructionsforStudents.docx.pdf" at the bottom of this page.
 Visual learner?  Watch the Youtube video on the link below.
What about decorating lockers?
Although it is highly discouraged, if decorating a friend's locker for a birthday, please avoid the use of tape or stickers. Please do not use balloons, candy, confetti, cards, or gifts attached to the locker. If tape is used, please use painter's tape. Ironically, students' good intentions create problems for their friends.
Not only do custodians need to spend their limited time to scrape off stickers and tape, they are often called to help students open lockers that are jammed due decorations
Decorating a locker for a birthday has also resulted in unintended negative experiences for friends. Not only were friends responsible for cleaning up the locker, calling the custodian to get the locker unjammed, but some individuals got upset when decorations were damaged, candy stolen, cards ripped off, or balloons popped.
As important as it is to celebrate birthdays, it is highly encouraged not to decorate student lockers. Good intentions can be better expressed by giving a birthday card or a gift directly to the student.
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